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PodEntrar “I fell for you`

jung nadia


“Of course, I miss you.

Of course, I hide this void in a broader empty yet.

The lake in the background, and a total absence of turbulence. I want nothing else but you in me.

What do you think … Every second of every eternity …. I am a perfect shot.

Your heartbeat, your energy, your secret places … All these little things that made immediately, irrevocably, I fell for you.

backward to.“


C, mon amour…

PodEntrar Atmosphère Ouatée



Absorbées ou préoccupée . Une cigarette qui fait oublier l’anxiété envoie ses volutes blanches et donne une atmosphère ouatée à cette photo

PodEntrar “Self Portrait…“

jung nadia

Self Portrait… thinking about things , like all
I wanted to be part of the scene

PodEntrar! Living is easy with your eyes closed



Jung from somewhere.
All the love in these times of the burning of the kaleidoscope of man,

Your Entourage

PodEntrar! Portrait TINTAS

nadia jung artes plasticas nadia jung artes plasticas

PodEntrar: De olho!


PodEntrar! Pormenores e Vinho.

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PodEntrar luz solar.

nadia jung

PodEntrar: `Metade de mim, é a outra metade… de mim`

Autoportrairt Nadia jung
Nadia jungNadia jung
Nadia jung
Nadia jung

P0dEntrar Sense of Humor…


“Tell a person they’ve no sense of humor is as bad as telling them they’re lousy in bed. How we laugh and how we fuck:the heart of our matter “


PodEntrar! …which is hungry for more light.

nadia jung

“Nothing is moving and all is darkness. He is tempted to open his eyes, but the dense black is so soothing in its all penetrating presence. A roar of lion is vibrating throughout all that he is jaguar.“

PodEntrar Autos

jung nadia

Bien sûr que non.

Je n’ai pas arrêté de compter.

En boucle et en silence.

C’est le temps qu’il me faudra pour vous oublier…

Nádia Jung Sobreposição

nadia jungnadia jungnadia jung

Fotografia de © Nadia Jung